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בובת התפתחות דובי

בובת התפתחות דובי

I am HuggaBear


I would love to be your baby’s best friend for life!


I promise to protect them and make them feel safe, even when you’re not near.


I am easy to hug and grasp, and can be used to protect your baby’s head and neck in the crib and stroller.


My colors are contrasting and suitable for an infant’s eyesight

My different textures expose your child to new sensations


I can be used to help your baby lie on their side, providing deep sensory stimulus while helping their hands come together (even when they’re tiny)


I help your baby with tummy time by supporting their chest, while you place their elbows beneath (or just in front of) their shoulders

I’m here to provide support, but I also help your baby use the muscles in their upper body that are important for the early stages of development


I hope I can make your baby’s life brighter!


*The Hugadoll was designed in collaboration with Liri Haram, B.P.T (Developmental Physiotherapist).


    Made from 100% cotton fabrics.

    Size: 8 cm X 40 cm.

    Please Handwash and dry on rack.


    Please contact us at


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